Aao Tally Seekhen – Tally Erp9



It gives me immense pleasure to publish this book, that through this book the dream of those students who wants to become an accountant and they are short of time, in such a situation this book is for them (you). It will prove beneficial and more useful like a panacea. The best part is that no place in this book has been given to such words which are difficult or which are not widely used in the society. In writing this book, along with Hindi, it has been considered appropriate to give status quo to the words of Urdu and English. The book has been made very simple and understandable using simple words. Often only those words have been used which are simple and whose meaning is also familiar to an ordinary person and who enjoys wide supremacy in the society. An attempt has been made to explain all the options of Tally Erp9 with the help of 482 pictures in the book. In each option according to the situation, the help of pictures has been taken and they are arranged in such a way that they appear in the Tally. Along with this, special care has also been taken that no inappropriate pictures or unnecessary content are included.
The author not only has full faith but is also sure that this book will prove to be more useful and beneficial for the readers than other books because examples have been given in the book as needed and 10 questions have also been given for practice. I hope that readers will be benefiting from this book and become a good accountant and will illuminate their name while serving the country.