An Enquiry into Ethno-economic relevance of Mayang’s eminent Black Magic



The book is all about in depth enquiry of the role and relevance of the practice of Magico-Medicinal healing treatment of the place“Mayong”. the place Mayong has a long history and a treasure of the medico magical treatment. Almost majority of the population of the place is earning their livelihood through the practice. From generation to generation the practice is going on. As a village of the Morigaon district of Assam, Mayong is still able to maintain its image as a hub of Black Magic. The book is an attempt by the authors to analyse the role and relevance of the same in today’s era, to shed light on the importance of the century old practice in generating income to the masses. As a mysterious place, tourists (both domestic and international) visit the place. So, in a nutshell, the book is about seeking answers to solve the unsolved mysteries and myth about the place and to evaluate its economic relevance.