Chehra Padhna Seekhein – Face Reading and Body Science


Author: Dr. Sanjiv Gupta
ISBN: 9789394596856


This book has been written in the context of knowing about the personality of a person by looking at the various signs of the face and body, by the study of this book one can get the complete character and information about him, in this book the person’s brain Lines and different lines of the palm have also been described in detail like life line, fate line, heart line and head line etc. In this book, many moles and signs found in women and their results have been written in detail this will prove to be very useful information.
The knowledge of palmistry and knowledge of face is considered to be the highest knowledge in the three worlds. It was created by Brahmaji himself. In fact, it is such a book written by Brahmaji which guides man throughout his life.
As you gain experience in this discipline, your calculations get better and your fame increases, but you have to increase your ability to foretell by keeping meditation and meditation in your life so that your predictions are in the right direction.