From the Hearts of Green Birds


Author Name: Junaid Ashraf
Language: English
Book Size: 5×8
Book Type: Poetry
ISBN: 9789394596870


About Book: The bird of the imagination in the book takes flight in the dark night, in the monsoon of emotions. The wings don’t just flutter on the plains of philosophy but into the heart of darkness, in the valleys of mysticism and the markets of capitalism. It cries, it wails, it sings, it dances over the songs of separation, on the tunes of love. It flows over the rivers of blood, over the seas of pain to go to land near the tears of oppressed. It plants the desert flowers in the language of poetry. It waters the ashes of hope to dream and seed a better world.
About Author: Junaid Ashraf is a lecturer of English literature in Kashmir. He has done a masters in economics, a masters in political economy and a masters in English Literature and is about to start his doctoral studies in Turkey. His articles and poems have been published in various international and local newspapers and magazines including Café Dissensus, Bosphorous Review of books, Kashmir Life, Kashmir Reader, Rising Kashmir, FreePress Kashmir. Besides he is a sports enthusiast. Playing cricket, football and skiing interests him. Political activism is his passion.