Good Vision



Good vision is a collection of 20 English poems. It is all about what the poet had seen and experienced all through his life.
Good Vision means – clarity of vision. This book leads the reader to a good vision . The weapon of Lord Vishnu never kills anybody, but it transforms the person . It gives a clarity of vision to the wrong doer. There is always a war in the minds of people between good and bad. The victory of goodness in the war is good vision .The mind is strangled in the hurricane of darkness, it is taken in to the door of light, to the horizon of freedom by the encouraging and enlightening lines of the poems. Here is story, moral and life. The poetry originates in the mind of the poet when he stops quarreling with the last word of truth. The good vision of the poet becomes the good vision of the world. The poet is having a birds eye view on everything around him. His main theme is life. The civilization he inherited through his experience is ruminated. The poet is proclaiming the naked truths of life through the poem. When the poet sings about the world which made him cry and laugh the senselessness of life becomes sensible. There is no doubt that the flowery lines of the poem is a treasure to this language.