Self publishing, as the name implies, is when the author has total control over the book’s design and production process, as well as complete ownership of the copyright. He or she might enlist the services of self-publishing companies like Goodwriters Publishing to assist with the full design, production, and marketing process.

Over the last ten years, publishing has grown simpler, but promoting and selling book takes focused strategy from both the author and the publisher. With self publishing with Goodwriters, you can select wide range of marketing services which will help you to sell more copies. 

The need for a competent and trustworthy partner to help first-time authors navigate the world of publishing and marketing a book led to the formation of Goodwriters Publishing. There’s a reason you’re reading this right now. It might be that you don’t want to wait for a traditional publisher to respond to your emails, or that you just want greater control over the design and feel of your final published book.

After the agreement is completed, the Author is allocated a publishing manager who will assist, guide, and update the Author during the whole publication process. If you have any issues or problems, you should contact the publication manager.

Since it is self publishing, you will be having complete rights on the content. Even after the publishing, you can switch publisher anytime. 

Yes, you can customize your package according to budget and publishing needs. 

We will let you know a minimum selling price for the book based on the printing cost. Above this minimum selling price, you can set MRP.

For tangible copies of the book, such as paperback and hardback versions, we use a POD (Print on Demand) approach for writers who are just getting started and want to see some feedback and reviews. Alternatively, you might print in bulk (offset). We use the Offset (bulk printing) model for books that are selling well and consistently so that we can provide immediate delivery and a bigger royalty to the author.

You will be provided with online author dashboard where you can login and check the sales data anytime. The dashboard is updated on a monthly basis. 

You will receive a monthly royalty from Goodwriers Publishing. The amount will be credited to your bank account directly. 

You will be having 100% royalty on profit. To calculate your royalty, please click here.

With Goodwriters Publishing, it takes just 20-30 days to publish the book. However, if you are providing well edited and designed files, the publishing process will take maximum a week. 

Yes, the book will be available in 140+ countries both in print and eBook version. We will be managing the publishing and selling of books and you will receive regular sales data and royalty payments.

Yes, we publish the book both in print and eBook versions. 

Yes, we also provide offline store distribution across India. We have separate packages for offline store distribution. 

Please Register Here by providing your basic details. We will be in touch with you shortly to guide for all the publishing process.